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*Pick-me-up sessions are 30 minutes in duration and used as sporadic coaching sessions aimed at re-grouping and identifying what is needed to move forwards.

**If, through the pick-me-up sessions, it is identified more continuous coaching is required, an investment will be expected, however the cost and duration of the coaching will be devised on an individual basis.

Before you can change anything you have to know why. Why you are where you are, why you can't seem to get yourself out of it and why you struggle with daily food choices. Your AWARENESS of these whys, along with several very crucial concepts, completely missed by most dieting methods, needs to be switched on. An essential starting point with everyone.

Through this new found awareness, the ACTIONS that are going to get you where you want to be, are stripped back and replaced.  Food and exercise are addressed, however there are no rules, no counting, no meal plans and no regimes. The aim here is for individuals to regain control and establish peace and balance over their food and learn knowledge and skills which will last a lifetime.

Training your brain to think differently is utterly KEY to long term success, NOT more willpower.  It is NOT enough to simply change your food and hope for the best.  What determines whether or not new decisions stay, is BRAIN TRAINING. If you keep doing the same things, then you will keep seeing the same results. This area is ESSENTIAL, but usually never addressed.

How you think and feel, what you believe, how you perceive yourself, food, weight and life in general, underpin what decisions you make about eating. If you don't reset these, new food choices will be short lived. The aim here, is re-program your brain to align with where you want to be, not fight it.  To help you deal with emotions without food and remove the daily "I must be good" struggle.

Managing your weight is a life long commitment. Living your best life and true to your inner self are too. To make sure there is CONSISTENCY so you can CONTINUE FOR LIFE without food or weight struggles, you have to believe you are worth it and deserving of happiness. You have to approach your life separate from food, embrace your essence and honour the wonder within yourself.

The aim of Phase C is to build up everything that was destroyed, picked apart and smothered by years of dieting and self berating. To enable you to connect with your true worth and extend it throughout your life. To start identifying with your wonder within, NOT the numbers on  scales or in labels. Again, all part of ensuring new choices stick and the days of self punishment stay in the past.

Improve your relationship with food, learn to eat without guilt, shame or fear, put an end to emotional and/or, compulsive eating, step away from anxiety and control, eliminate the rules, restrictions, counting and weighing obsession from your life, end the battle with the scales, undo the damage years and years of dieting has done and find peace and balance with food and weight but first you must see if this is for you...

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