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"If food rules your life,

please read this....."

Take the fundamental first step towards peace and balance with food, even if you think you've tried absolutely everything out there.

(You have instant access and will NOT be asked for your email address.)

  • Does your day revolve around thinking about what you eat, what you just ate, want to eat next, where it’s coming from and how you’re going to work around having it?


  • Do you swing wildly from gripping to a deep sense of willpower, control and discipline to being so out of control you’re scared you’ll never stop eating?


  • Do you find spending this much time and energy thinking about food exhausting and fills you with utter despair?


If you answered yes, you're in the right place! Please hear me:



Jo Mason

Transformation Coach

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... is a FREE ebook for people whose attempts to control their food, control their life. People who pride themselves in their knowledge about food and exercise, yet still can’t seem to get it right, who are stuck in the depths of destructive behaviours, guilt, fear and overwhelm.




The Fundamental First Step.

Freedom with food is possible when you give up what you think you "should" be doing and start doing something totally different.

However, there's a few ESSENTIAL FUNDAMENTALS 

you MUST be aware of FIRST!

(You have instant access and will NOT be asked for your email address.)

What's Inside:

Is This For You? Don't waste your time or energy! You will be given distinct and clear information to help determine very quickly if this book is right for you. 

What Doesn't Work. Stop prolonging the pain. You'll find out what common methods of control you've been relying on, that really don’t work and actually enhance and exaggerate the problem.

What Does Work. Understand it's not your fault. You'll be shown what DOES work and the answer to your issues with food has very little to do with food at all. 

What To Do Next. Change your life forever! Finally you’ll be given some information on what to do next, if this feels like the right thing for you. Simple, straight forward options with no sales gimmicks.

It's FREE, it will take you less than 20 minutes to read and you'll know by the end of the first two pages if it's for you.

What have you got to lose?

(You have instant access and will NOT be asked for your email address.)

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