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You've probably discovered that diets don't work!


 So, why not lose weight without doing one? 

If you:

  • feel you spend most of your time struggling with your weight and want to do something about it
  • have gained and lost the same 10lbs a hundred times
  • know you need something else, but are not sure what that is
  • have tried absolutely everything out there with little or no long term success
  • feel like your weight restricts you, while the scales rule your life and your self esteem
  • feel like diets make you miserable, frustrated and useless, but believe you can't lose weight without them
  • are exhausted and exasperated with the constant emotional rollercoaster of gaining & losing
  • feel like you are out of control around food and/or lacking willpower
  • are capable & efficient in many other areas of your life but still cannot answer


Then here's the weight loss solution for YOU!

“This was the first time I was offered realistic, sensible help and trust me, I’ve tried everything!” - Sarah, Plymouth.


This approach to weight loss is not a quick fix it's THE fix!

Answer that burning question of "why", lose weight for good and defeat diets once and for all. Learn how dieting has caused most of your problems and why you have to do something different in order to be successful. Discover a totally refreshing view on losing weight which will feel so much easier than any of your previous attempts. With this program, your time will be spent releasing the guilt and self-blame, dramatically changing your self-image and self-belief, empowering you to find peace, balance and freedom with your food. 

Break free from time wasted on the failures and miseries of your past with this liberating, intelligent approach to changing your life - no rules, no restrictions and NO dreaded deprivation. Stop counting and put an end to weighing and measuring completely. Bottom line - you will NEVER have to spend another minute dieting again! 

Find out how you can defeat your diets!


If you really want to give up all the rules and stop obsessing about what you’re eating, this really has the answer!” - Tanya, Paderborn.

woman3.jpgThis bespoke approach to weight loss offers:

  • a tailor-made program designed specifically for you
  • exclusive time & support from your very own weight loss coach
  • real solutions to real problems, to real people who want to eat real food
  • accurate information, constant support & guidance in all the areas needed in order to provide a successful solution
  • understanding that background knowledge is essential to enable lifelong change
  • techniques and skills you can use for the rest of your life
  • support, understanding, empathy, honesty & answers for as long as necessary.

Don't ever give up on your desire to be slimmer, just do it the right way this time!

What have you got to lose? This will change your life!

“I was at the point where I thought if this doesn't work then absolutely nothing will but I gave it a go. Defeating Diets has worked despite having tried everything else and I know it will continue to work for life.”  Jo, Lincoln.

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"Defeating YOUR Diets!"
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